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amarshall 20 13
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I have been working the Russian Upstream O & G recruitment market in Russia for a year now and the one company that I have found the hardest to open a relationship with is Gazprom. Therefore I am looking for contacts within Gazprom that will help point me in the right direction.

All help is appreciated.


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Adrian, what contacts you need???

I think you will just waste your time, because usually Gazprom`s offices doesn`t work with recruitment companies, therewith as I understood you don`t speak russian. It is not good for any communication with Gazprom.

amarshall 20 13
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My colleague Lubos Hric who deals with contract positions in Russia is a fluent Russian speaker so the language barrier should not be a problem.

How do they recruit themselves? I know they are huge but even BP and Shell need help in other countries.


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It's simple. The worlds oil and gas industry is actually quite small, and everybody knows each other.

So if the company, not only Gazprom, is looking for an expert - the know directly whom to contact. If they just look for a normal operation staff then there are plenty of brothers, cousins, sons and daughters ready to fill in the position.

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шпиён не прошел. так ему.

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Leadgeol пишет:

шпиён не прошел. так ему.

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