SEG/ExxonMobil Student Education Program, St. Petersburg 2010

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The SEG/ExxonMobil Student Education Program (SEP) offers travel grants to graduate students who are pursuing a degree in the Geosciences. (Consideration will be given to highly qualified undergraduate students.) This 2-day program focuses on preparing college graduate students for the breadth and challenges of an oil industry career by spurring interest to pursue such a career, as well as develop lifelong relationships with the SEG and its members, via lectures and exercises efficiently delivered/conducted and directly related to geoscience/geophysical work performed in the oil industry.

Students will receive:
• specifically designed course materials provided by ExxonMobil
• industry-experienced instructors provided by ExxonMobil (as well as native Russian speaking instructors to aid in translation)
• a travel grant for travel, hotel, and meal expenses

We are accepting applications from students who reside within Russia for the SEP event being held 9-10 April 2010 in St. Petersburg. The 2010 Russia SEP will be held in conjunction with Saint Petersburg 2010, the 4th International Conference & Exhibition: New Discoveries through Integration of Geoscience. This meeting is organized jointly by EAGE, EAGO, and the SEG.

More information and online application at:

Deadline is postponed to January 17

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