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Underage and Excessive Drinking at SPE Functions

18 December 2007 in Students

At the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, held in November in Anaheim, California, many attendees witnessed students who were publicly intoxicated. News of obsessive drinking at local student chapter events has surfaced as well. Not only is such behaviour unacceptable at SPE events, it raises issues of underage drinking and liabilities to the companies and universities involved with the events. SPE will be looking into ways of policing alcohol consumption at our international events. In addition, SPE would like your assistance with this problem.

The mission of SPE and the purpose of SPE activities is to share technical knowledge. SPE does not condone underage or excessive drinking at society events. Underage and excessive drinking at SPE events, both locally or elsewhere, will result in severe consequences including potential loss of individual membership privileges or the student chapter charter. SPE is not implying that your section is at fault. However, a universal approach is best. We appreciate your help with this issue.

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